Renovatio has a power supply system and an easy-to-install voice/data connection with access for maintenance, including at the operational working position. It also incorporates a cable guidance system through a double channel that carries all the cabling, keeping it semi-hidden, organized, and tidy, and allowing separation of the voice/data connection and power supply.


Executive tables, operating consoles, conference tables. With the Renovatio console, you can benefit from a complete, consistent, technological concept in any setting, be it a control center, technical room, office, and generally speaking in all spaces that require a combination of technology and design.


The Renovatio system is complemented by a wide range of accessories, which offer ideal solutions for incorporating technology and operational equipment. Thanks to its innovative attachment system, the user can extend the original equipment and change its configuration.


A single tool is all you need to assemble the system and adjust the size, arrangement and equipment. It's that simple. 


The modular assembly method of the Renovatio console allows you quickly to adjust, extend and replace the equipment in each unit.


Renovatio covers all the user's ergonomic and functional requirements. Both the system itself and its range of accessories were designed on the basis of an ergonomic study carried out to establish the height of the work surface, the distance of the display, and the ease of access to the equipment. This minimizes any physical stress and straining for the user. Renovatio complies with the most stringent international ergonomic standards, maintaining a balance between convenience, functionality, comfort and health.


Renovatio is a patented, registered system. The patent acts as a guarantee of exclusivity for our customers, maintaining the differentiating factor in comparison with other products on the market. The use of top-quality materials, the safety of our manufacturing process, and the strict tests applied during the entire production cycle from design through manufacturing to assembly, all enable us to offer the longest warranty period in the sector.

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